Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there have been squire either side of legal length out at the 32-fathom reefs, along with some pearlies and nice flathead.

Out wider for some mahi mahi and small yellowfin tuna. Flathead in closer.

Off the beaches for flathead, dart, big tailor to about 5kg, plus the occasional jewfish.

The river has plenty of flathead, some whiting up to Keith Hall or Pimlico but they’ve had the hell netted out of them this week, with some nice bream and school jewfish up around the ferry.

Crabs still mainly in the creeks but some action in the main river upstream.

Water at Evans Head went a little cool on Wednesday but appears to be warming up now.

Glassy-calm, flat and stormy Friday afternoon with water clearer and cornflake weed not as thick.

Some small chopper tailor up the beach to Broadwater but the bait schools that were attracting small Spanish mackerel just behind the break for most of the past week seem to have scattered.

Some bream and whiting around the Broadwater rocks, and school jew and bream from the headland.

Mackerel have been pretty tame and patchy at best offshore but snapper and trag catches have improved somewhat up to the full moon but are likely to taper down now.

A few days of good southerly should bring on the macks.

The river has the odd flathead that survived the holiday onslaught, along with a few bream and not many whiting.