Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there’s quite a bit of colour in the river, so the lower sections have been the focus for flathead, a few bream and blackfish on yabbies.

Plenty of mud crabs through the creeks and the lower river. River fishable to about Pimlico.

The walls have turned up some jew to about 15kg on lures and soft plastics.

There were some nice tailor around before the blow came through, so there’s the hope of more once things settle.

There were decent Spanish mackerel off Lennox Point just before the blow early in the week but nobody has been out since.

At Evans Head, the bar is fine at high tide but once you get around Joggly Point you’d get hammered, so nobody has been out since Tuesday.

Mackerel were patchy at best on Monday and Tuesday when they did go, but there were also a few decent snapper at times.

The beaches have a few nice bream at the top of the tide; the gutters aren’t too flash at low tide.

Some school jew from the headlands but watch the southerly swell, it’s fluctuating a bit and some days it’s a bit dodgy.

Evans River is clear on the high tide with plenty of bait and well-fed bream and trevally. Murky on the bottom of the tide after the local rain.