Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says the Richmond River is very dirty but some nice flathead up to 3kg have been caught in the lower reaches, along with some nice bream.

Still crabs in the creeks but all you’ll encounter upstream of the ferry is forktail catfish.

Pity about the wind and swell because the mackerel had turned up at Lennox big-time.

Big tailor off the beaches with bream, whiting and trevally along the beach at Lennox.

Jewfish are OK off the breakwalls with fish to 15kg, and the headlands like Flat Rock and Boulder Beach have some big tailor and bream but the swell is large enough to make these spots very dangerous.

The wind has dropped below gale force at Evans Head but the swell has kicked in big time.

Beaches, most of the headland and offshore are closed out, but there’s a few blackfish around the breakwalls on the top of the tide and the chance of a jew or a bream.

River still quite dirty and the 40mm+ we had last night won’t have helped.