Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop says the river is fishing quite well, especially the bottom reaches, where there are quite a few flathead around along with some bream and whiting.

Don’t go much further than Pimlico Island but good fun up to about Keith Hall on a rising tide.

Quite a few small school jew up there with plenty of throwbacks.

Crabs in North creek and working their way back up the river.

The beaches have been excellent for tailor, along with a few whiting and bream.

Lennox Beach has been great for the tailor, with quite a few also on South Beach and off most of the headlands.

Quite a few mackerel outside at the top places like Lennox Pinnacle and Black Head, and North Riordans is also starting to fire.

They’re mostly spotties but still a few Spaniards around.

It’s the calm before the storm at Evans Head on Thursday morning with not many people around, not much wind and a low swell.

The bar is still shallow and even in a low swell must be treated with caution, and the pressure wave on the falling tide is tricky.

A few mackerel out there, mostly smallish spots, but nothing like last week apparently (naturally, I was away!).

Plenty of big mackerel tuna, a few longtails and good schools of yellowtail and a few slimy mackerel.

Some schools of trag out there but not a great number of snapper, as you’d expect around the full moon.

If you can find a good wash around the rocks you’ll get tailor of 2kg and better, with a few just-legal choppers, bream, tarwhine and dart.

Beaches best at high tide for dart, bream and a few tailor.

Fish worms in the evenings for some reasonable school jew.

The river has flathead, bream and just a few whiting.