Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop says there are still quite a few flathead in the lower reaches of the river, and the whiting and bream are also putting in a good showing.

Most of the action is still below Pimlico Island, with the water remaining dirty upstream.

Some blackfish starting to poke about along the Porpoise Wall and up North Creek.

School jew from the RSL Club downstream at night.

Crabs getting up Emigrant Creek and in the main river around Pimlico.

Tailor still around the beaches and headlands.

Spotted mackerel have made a big appearance at Lennox Point and Riordans reef with a few Spanish in with them.

Mackerel pretty scarce at Evans Head during the week with green water which is still pretty warm.

Not much in the way of good bait schools, which is probably why the macks have gone quiet.

Some reasonable squire as compensation along with the odd hit on the trag. Bar is pretty good but still very shallow.

Beaches quite good for school jew at night on worms and plenty of dart in the day, but tailor have mostly gone quiet as the bait departed. Some bigger jew hunting the mullet.

Plenty of very nervous bream in the river after the Easter hordes bombarded them with stale prawns and smelly mullet, mostly to no avail. Some small flathead but not a great deal else, water still dirty at low tide.