Bruce at Dave’s Bait shop says there are plenty of little bream in the river but not much of a sign of any sea bream and the bigger resident bream are still biting mainly at night.

Flatties are hanging on in the lower reaches and are up in shallows on the cool days and down deeper on the hot days.

A few whiting are starting to kick around upstream above Wardell and there are some good fish among them, Bruce says. Blackfish are there along the Porpoise Wall and at the Prospect Bridge approach but they’re fairly patchy at times.

Tailor, too, are patchy but a few decent ones have been caught from the walls and headlands, notably Flat Rock, and especially at night. School jew around the walls are going OK.

Nobody has been outside much this week.

The walls at Evans Head have produced a few hauls of blackfish this week and there are some flathead and blackfish in the river, along with a few early whiting upstream.

No one has been offshore much but there looks like an opportunity on Sunday if the forecast turns out to be true.

Still school jew and some tailor around the headlands and a few tailor and schoolies up the beaches as well.