Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there have been tailor and salmon off South Beach, with a few flathead and whiting as well.

The walls have school jew and tailor, with bream and blackfish further into the river.

The closer reefs have snapper, trag and jewfish, with pearlies and snapper on the wider reefs and no jackets.
The river has plenty of bream of all sizes, still plenty of flathead and the occasional jew. Good whiting on bloodworms.

At Evans Head on Friday, a howling northerly and low swell with not a great deal to be had from the beaches apart from a few flathead in the rocky gutters up towards Broadwater and a few school jew around the headland.

I’ve been away all week and know nothing about what’s been outside but it should be reasonable in close and apparently the jackets have eased off.

Flathead and whiting in the river, with undersized bream in the day and better ones after it gets dark.