Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there are quite a few bream in the lower reaches of the Richmond River.

Also some nice size flatties in North Creek and the main river, especially in the shallows during the day as they sun themselves.

Blackfish have been great around Prospect Bridge and along the Porpoise Wall but black weed is the only stuff available.

A lot of undersized school jew up-river from Pimlico but a few more decent ones in with them.

Tailor around the headlands and along the beaches with some salmon moving in as well.

Some really nice snapper to 9.234kg down at Riordans Reef yesterday (Thurs) and plenty of snapper and a few pearlies on the wider grounds with abundant leatherjackets.

Unless you’re in the Evans Head Classic I’d suggest giving Evans a wide berth for the next week, with 1000 fishos swamping the place.

Good holes on the beaches, sea is flat in close and bar is good.

Tony Zann