The New South Wales Chamber of Commerce obviously has some forwardthinking people on board who have leveraged the power of the incredibly popular social networking Web site Facebook to create a common interest group targeted at fixing the Pacific Highway.

The description of this Facebook group is as follows:

This group calls on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Premier Morris Iemma to end the blame shifting and buck passing over responsibility for the Pacific Highway.

An NRMA audit of the Pacific Highway in 2007 revealed that the highway’s accident rate has increased in the past five years. There have been almost 10,000 car crashes on the road in the past decade in which 326 people have died and 3778 people were hurt or maimed.

We call on Prime Minister Rudd and Premier Iemma to implement a dedicated strategy to fast track the roll out of a complete and continuous dual carriageway upgrade of the Pacific Highway to save lives and remove the handbrake the Pacific Highway has become on the economies of communities that rely on the road.

Please encourage family, friends and colleagues to join this group.

NSW Business Chamber is NSW’s largest business network representing over 30,000 businesses and is affiliated with over 110 chambers of commerce.

I encourage anybody who is a Facebook member to support what is a piece of infrastructure that is vitally important and in long need of significant government funding by joining up the fix the Pacific Highway Facebook group!