A 50-year-old bushwalker has been found safe and well after a ground and air search for her near Nimbin.

The woman became separated from her daughter and husband while they were walking in the Nightcap National Park near Nimbin yesterday.

She was found just after 10am today after a search involving police, the SES, Ambulance and a helicopter.

The 50-year-old woman left Mt Nardi on April 25 for an overnight hike in the Nightcap National Park.

She was accompanied by her husband and teenage daughter.

The family are experienced hikers and had food, equipment, and maps with them.

After camping overnight and trekking further through the National Park, the family decided to turn back to ensure they arrived back at the Mt Nardi car park in daylight hours.

The group began the trek back and the woman became separated from her family.

The husband and daughter returned to the point where they had last seen her and marked the spot with rocks and sticks.

They searched for about two hours without success.

Together, they trekked for another three hours to reach the Mt Nardi car park where they raised the alarm.

Nimbin Police were notified and attended the scene around 5.30pm last night (Saturday 26 April).

Due to failing light and the rugged terrain it was not possible to conduct any further search.

The woman was carrying a backpack containing food and water. She also had thermal clothing, rain gear and proper hiking boots.