NSW Fishing Monthly editor Tony Zann’s weekly fishing report …

Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says tailor between 2kg and 4kg have been very good from South Beach, Angels, Black Head and Lennox.

The southerly should push them to the northern sides of the headlands and walls. Dart and whiting from the beaches.

Spotted and Spanish mackerel have improved on the closer reefs with snapper and pearl perch out wide when the conditions allow.

There have been whiting, bream and flathead in the lower river with whiting up to Pimlico, where bloodworms are essential for good catches.

Some small school jew up to the Wardell bridge. Still mud crabs pushing up the creeks.

Before the southerly blow came through on Thursday night you could go just about anywhere at Evans Head and catch good fish.

The beaches had excellent whiting, good bream and nice flathead in the abundant gutters and holes.

Tailor schools were working just beyond the surf line and chasing the baitfish into the gutters within casting distance at times.

Mackerel tuna, longtail tuna and the occasional mackerel were also belting the bait and there were some decent catches of spotties and snapper on the close reefs to the south.

The river has plenty of willing bream, some nice whiting and large flathead, along with patches of small trevally.

What the wind will do to the outside conditions is anybody’s guess but the southerly has blown in some of the cleanest, bluest water we’ve seen this year.

In the Brunswick-Byron region, the lower river at Brunswick has fished well for bream, luderick and mangrove jack, and there’s plenty of mudcrabs.

Snapper have been taken outside, but the mackerel have been few and far between.

Try the beaches around Byron, Suffolk Park and Broken Head for whiting and dart.

Tony Zann t.zann@fishingmonthly.com.au