Thursday night’s fresh southerly change has put an end to the clean 1m conditions experienced through the week, but it bodes well for the weekend.

Look for a spike in the swell for Saturday.

The wind is forecast from the south to south-east up to 23 knots for the weekend, so the protected headlands and beaches are the places to check.

The morning tides are high, so make an early start (and don’t forget that daylight saving ends Saturday night).

Marine weather:

Friday: S/SE 15/20 knots, reaching 20/25 knots in the north. Sea: 1.5/2 metres, reaching 2.5 metres in the north. Swell: S/SE 2/2.5 metres.

Saturday: S/SE 18/23 knots. Sea: 1.5/2 metres. Swell: S 2 metres.

Outlook Sunday: S/SE 15/25 knots.

Outlook Monday: S/SE 10/20 knots.

Tides at Ballina:

  • High Fri 20:18 EDT (1.4m) Low Sat 02:18 EDT (0.2m)
  • High Sat 08:26 EDT (1.5m) Low Sat 14:50 EDT (0.1m) High
  • Sun 08:12 EST (1.67m) Low Sun 2:20pm (.3m).