Me newspaperjpgThe Diabeat Centre in northern NSW has launched a first in Australia – a one-week live-in program for diabetes sufferers and carers that teaches people how to manage this complicated disease in a fun, relaxed and safe environment.

The Real Diabetes Program encourages participants to set realistic goals and make an investment in their health that pays enormous dividends in terms of a longer and healthier life.

The program has been developed by diabetes expert and Diabeat director Angie Llewellyn-Sare RN DNE (pictured), a diabetes nurse educator with 19 years’ professional experience treating this increasingly common disease.

Llewellyn-Sare’s own daughter had type 1 diabetes, giving her daily experience of the frustrations of managing diabetes, which has an impact on the whole family.

“Diabetes is a complicated disease that doctors and diabetes educators spend years learning about,” she said.

“Yet there is an expectation that families and people themselves will self-manage at home with less knowledge and intermittent help.

“This is a progressive disease where the goal posts move, necessitating ongoing changes to treatment. It’s very demanding and not easy. Live-in education is definitely a brilliant way to learn.”

The Real Diabetes Program is presented by experts in their fields, including a general practitioner, dietitian, exercise physiologist, psychologist and chef.

Llewellyn-Sare said the program also offers an educational holiday in a fantastic tropical location. The Diabeat Centre is situated at Cabarita Beach on Australia’s east coast in Northern NSW and the residential course takes place at ‘The Beach’, a 4.5 star resort with luxury apartments overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The centre is close to Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, with easy access to both the beach and hinterland rainforests.

“Coming to learn at this school will be a pleasure for anyone,” said Llewellyn-Sare.

“You get to meet like-minded people, eat well, have fun with cooking, including ‘blind tastings’ of food, do various forms of exercise, relax, have a massage and take part in the informative and interactive educational sessions held in and around the resort.”

She said that the aim was to make the Real Diabetes Program accessible for everyone.
“So many people struggle with day-to-day living with diabetes and people need far more support than they get to stay well,”  she said.

“Nowhere else will you find such supportive and experienced experts in the field of diabetes education in one state-of-the art, live-in program.”

Ralph Bowman of Millicent, South Australia, said that Angie has a unique style of teaching: “I have never had diabetes explained so easily. I am managing better than ever before.”

About the Diabeat Centre:

The Diabeat Team is an enthusiastic group of partners and their spouses passionate about helping people with diabetes and ready to make Diabeat a success.

The partners include: Angie Llewellyn-Sare, a credentialed diabetes educator and author; Marty Rubenstein, a counsellor and massage therapist; and Cameron McPhie, who has a background in hospitality and managing resorts.

The spouses include: Dr David Sare, a general practitioner with an interest in chronic health; Alley Rubenstein, a counsellor/massage therapist and teacher of tai chi; and Kathy McPhie, who has a background in psychology and marketing. Other team members include a dietitian, exercise physiologist and a chef.

“Life can be sweet!” Llewellyn-Sare said.