Paul Woolford is keeping alive an old Aussie tradition – building your own fishing rods!

For more than 50 years Paul has been fishing and repairing rods. He eventually extended his skills into building rods from scratch.

He still lives in Lennox Head and continues providing advice on all matters related to the world of fishing.

Paul owned and operated Lennox Head Bait & Tackle for more than eight years, until 2007.

However, closing the shop did not mean that Paul was ready to retire. With a steady stream of fishing enthusiasts knocking on his door to repair and build rods for them, Paul is now the proud operator of Lennox Custom Rods.

Paul specialises in custom-designed rod building including the inscription of the angler’s name and artwork on their rod.

“You can even have your rod built to suit your preferred style of fishing, which will improve your chances of making a catch,” said Paul. “You use shorter rods for boat fishing, different lengths for various types of beach fishing and rock fishing.”

Building a rod from scratch normally takes about four weeks, while repairs usually take from one to two days. Reel repairs are also part of the service offered.

Pricing is negotiable, depending on the individual’s requirements.

For more information, drop in to Lennox Custom Rods at 1/11 Gibbon Street, Lennox Head. You can email Paul at or phone 0438 877 682.