Tweed Theatre Company (TTC) stalwart Raelene Richards makes her final appearance in the mystery/comedy thriller, Find the Lady, starting 19th October at the Tweed Civic Centre.

With over 19 years experience and 17 shows with the TTC, Raelene is sad to say it’s her last role but has many fond memories of great casts and shows.

She plays Mrs Pratt in the English comedy set in the 1960s and the challenging dialogue is similar to Fawlty Towers style banter.

It is a whodunit and all eight characters are amateur detectives, as mystery murders and intrigue are weaved throughout by the playwright Michael Pertwee.

Pertwee is famous for his episodes of the classic show The Saint and A Funny Thing happened on the way to the Forum, starring Frankie Howard.

Raelene’s most demanding role was Friends and Relations where she had eight costume changes.

Raelene has been active behind the scenes as well. She has been TTC vice-president for eight years and all-rounder at all TTC shows in costume, production and a myriad of jobs that go into producing every show. She has also directed five TTC shows and wants to continue.

“I want to concentrate on directing as I want to give back to the theatre by coaching the kids in the pantomimes in particular,” she said.

PICTURE: Chris Hawkins, Gai Byrne, Raelene Richards, Anita Murcia, Clayton Wetherall and Sue-Ellen McCubben prepare for the play.