Council’s focus on sewer repairs – Emergency services vehicles and local traffic only

Council has five crews on the ground attempting to clean and restore sewerage services to all of Tumbulgum.

Waste clean-up efforts at Tumbulgum are progressing well with significant resources on the ground, however sewer repairs are proving difficult as Council needs to access properties to check sewer pots in backyards to clear the vacuum sewer system.

Sightseer traffic is hampering the restoration process so Council today will limit Riverside Drive to emergency services vehicles and local traffic only to try to get the clean-up and sewer restoration process more efficient.

“Restoring the remaining services at Tumbulgum is a priority for Council, our crews are working long hours and in very difficult conditions to restore this vacuum sewer system and we urge community members to let our workers on the ground focus on this critical task,” said Manager Water and Wastewater Anthony Burnham.

“We accept that residents are seeking information about where the recovery process is up to and if they have any queries we ask that they phone Council’s Customer Contact Centre on (02) 6670 2400.”
Council Health Officers will be inspecting Tumbulgum today to assess the situation.

Council also asks any property owner affected by floodwaters and now calling a plumber to unblock their pipes to get the plumber to contact Council so the blockage is removed and not pushed further down the line.

Plumbers should call Operations Coordinator Chris O’Dwyer on 0408 161 300.