A piece of the Kimberley has come to Broadwater Sugar Mill.

Corrosion has caused the old Broadwater boiler stack, or chimney, to be replaced.

A leak was discovered in the side of the stack on July 4 and crushing stopped to allow for a thorough inspection.

The 12-year-old stack was badly corroded and needed replacement for operational and safety reasons. The stack was dismantled on the weekend of July 5 and 6.

The only available replacement stack was located in Kununurra, in the Kimberley district of Western Australia, and this was cut into four sections and trucked to Broadwater to be reassembled and erected.

Crushing resumed on August 3 and the cause of the corrosion in the old stack is being investigated.

Corporate Relations Manager for NSW Sugar Greg Sweetnam said: “It was an outstanding effort by the mill staff and employees to have the chimney dismantled in Western Australia, transported and re-erected at the Broadwater site in such a short time.”

NSW Sugar has 600 members and 430 staff and operates sugar mills at Condong, Broadwater and a mill and refinery at Harwood.

Two 30-megawatt renewable energy plants will also be completed this year as the industry diversifies.