Community sustainability; what does it mean and how can you personally assist?

These are the central themes of a free Community Sustainability Forum planned for Lismore.

Commencing at 6pm at the Lismore Workers Club on Thursday 21 August, the Community Sustainability Forum will be a chance for all groups and community members with an interest in sustainability-related issue to come together and identify common goals.

“There is an amazing amount of work being done by community members to assist community sustainability. How much better could it be if we all work together?” said Forum co-convenor Gordon Fraser-Quick.

“We are calling everyone to meet, celebrate our combined efforts and identify ways we can all work together to help achieve a truly sustainable city,” said co-convenor Simon Clough.

The aims of the forum are to hear from each other to get an understanding of each group’s initiatives in the broad area of sustainability, encourage the public to attend and have the opportunity to contribute and identify the gaps with a view to developing a comprehensive sustainability plan for the Lismore area.

“Community sustainability can only be truly achieved if the entire community is involved” said Forum co-convenor, Laurie Axtens.

Groups have been invited to make a short presentation on how they are contributing to community sustainability. 

Some of the organisations are Rainbow Regions Community Farms, Ecotechnology Institute, NSW Farmers, Landcare, Northern Rivers Social Development Council, Roads and Services Action Party, Friends of the Koalas, TOOT, Envite, WIRES, YWCA, NORCO, The National Party, Summerland and Southern Cross Credit Union, Dharmananda, Rous Water, Lismore Climate Action Group, Lismore City Council, EDO, PCYC, Lismore Fishing Club.

Whilst the Forum is being convened by The Northern Rivers Greens and the Our Sustainable Future party, Gordon Fraser-Quick said: “Sustainability is not about politics, money or nature. It’s about our entire community. We all need to co-operate to make our efforts as effective as possible.”

“Whatever your political persuasion, whatever your environmental, economic or social interest, we all have a role in sustainability,” said Simon Clough.

“This Sustainability Forum may be the start of a truly community based push to defining a sustainable future for our city,” said Laurie Axtens.

The free Community Sustainability Forum will be held at the Lismore Workers Club on Thursday 21st August commencing at 6pm. Tea and coffee will be provided.

No booking required. For more information contact Gordon Fraser-Quick on 02 6622 4221.