The Member for Page, Janelle Saffin, has welcomed the announcement of a national fuel watch scheme which will operate in major regional centres as well as metropolitan areas.

Federal Cabinet has approved the scheme to promote competition and transparency in the petrol market.

Under the National FuelWatch Scheme petrol stations will be required to notify the ACCC of their next day’s prices by 2pm the day before and maintain this price for 24 hours.

The scheme will apply to unleaded petrol, premium unleaded, LPG, diesel, 98 RON and biodiesel blends.

Motorists can be kept informed of local prices through text messaging, by ringing a hotline or logging on to a website.

“Petrol prices will always be linked to fluctuations on the world market, and no government policy can guarantee that prices will always go down,” Ms Saffin said.

“But with Fuelwatch drivers can make sure they don’t pay one cent more than they have to at the petrol pump.”

The Fuelwatch scheme will start in December in major regional centres such as Lismore, Grafton and Ballina.

There’ll be further details in the next few months about arrangements for smaller rural centres.