Member for Page Janelle Saffin and the Minister for Veterans Affairs, Alan Griffin, have paid tribute to Vietnam Veterans during Vietnam Veterans Day in Lismore.

Speaking before a ceremony at the Far North Coast Vietnam Veterans War Memorial in Lismore on Saturday, Ms Saffin said:  “Today we take time to remember the service and the immense sacrifice made by our Vietnam Veterans.

“Australia’s commitment commenced in 1962 and continued through to 1973, the longest conflict in Australia’s history.

“60,000 Australians served on either coalface or in logistical support roles.”

Ms Saffin said that on August 18, 1966, the Battle of Long Tan was one of the most significant engagements by Australian forces in Vietnam, which resulted in the deaths of 18 Australians, the most killed in one engagement of the Vietnam War.

“We remember those who fell one that day, as we do the 520 personnel who lost their lives and the 2400 that were wounded over the entire 10 years,” she said.