Plans for a dam at Dunoon will be discussed at a public forum in the village on Tuesday, August 19.

Rous Water says it has commenced planning for the proposed Dunoon Dam, which forms part of its long-term water supply strategy.

As part of Rous Water’s approach to involve the whole community, Rous Water chairman Robert Mustow has announced that a public forum will be held on Tuesday, 19th August, at the Dunoon & District Sports and Recreation Club from 6pm to 9:30pm.

“We invite and encourage interested members of the community to attend the forum,” Cr Mustow said.

“We want to establish and maintain good communication and input from the community.
“The forum provides an opportunity to present a project update, answer questions and listen to the community’s issues, hopes and concerns so that we can make sure these are properly addressed.

“We also want to identify the best ways to engage the community in ongoing planning activities and in keeping people up to date with the project.”

Rous Water says the public forum complements a similar forum being held on the 21st August in Lismore, which will involve key local and regional stakeholder organisations and interests.

Rous Water has appointed regional firm, Sustainable Futures Australia, to design, promote and independently facilitate these forums to ensure wide-ranging and effective community input into this phase of the project.

People who would like to register to attend the public forum or be kept up-to-date on the project should contact Emily Coleing at Sustainable Futures Australia, on 66857194 or email