For Lismore painter Prudence Lawrence, art must go beyond simply being a commodity.

“I’d rather look at something that makes me feel something or tell a story, than look at something that matches with the décor,” she says.

This attitude exeplifies Lawrence’s comtempary pop surrealist style.

Applying illustrative techniques to mixed media, her works leave the viewer in an intentioanlly ambiguous realm.

“I paint pictures from my dreams. And from years and years of being subjected to inappropriate movies at a young age,” she laughs.

“I grew up in a household of conspiricy theories, so it’s not hard to draw all sorts of inspiration from that.”

Finding inspiration in the natural sciences, her paintings often present strange creatures in otherworldy situations hanging suspended in abstract envrionments. 

Drawing on all types of mythlogy, the images impress a sense of whimsical nostalgia, all the while retaining the lingering eerieness of a Grim’s fairytale. 

“I’m not trying to tell any sort of story as such,” Lawrence states, “I paint pictures that I want to see, but I’d hope that people’s imaginations are ignited from my imagery. They can fill in blanks for themselves.”

Prudence’s exhibition “Life’s Just Killing Time Until I’m Reunited With My Puppy”, will consit of a collection of her pieces created in the Northern Rivers over the last four years.

Critically acclaimed at many group exhibitions, her work will come together in this one-week-only solo exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, Bridge Street, North Lismore.

Given that Prudence is reloacting to Ireland early next year, this may well be the only oppourtunity to view these art works.  

“Life’s Just Killing Time Until I’m Reunited With My Puppy” opens Saturday August 30 at 6pm. Music will be provided by Abandon Ship and local post-post punk outfit Black Ghost Party. 

The exhibition runs until September 5.