Dr Tony Parkes is proud of the achievements that have attracted glowing praise from the NSW Environmental Trust.

Dr Parkes is president of the Big Scrub Rainforest Landcare group and has been an active preserver of the Big Scrub rainforest remnants on the North Coast for more than 15 years.

His connection with various groups, such as Landcare Australia and EnviTE NSW, has generated numerous opportunities for funded support for environmental restoration projects.

The Big Scrub is only a shadow of what it was before settlement in this part of the world.

It is estimated to be less than one per cent of its former glory.

Thirty-two of the larger remnants have been entered in the Interim List of the National Estate.

These tracts of historical and natural significance play a vital role in our understanding of sub-tropical rainforest.

The most recent report to the NSW Environmental Trust by EnviTE NSW has drawn worthy praise for the quality of the on-ground works.

The main work completed is bush regeneration and mostly on remnants located on private property.

Contract bush regenerators and EnviTE staff have spent thousands of hours eradicating numerous environmental weed threats.

“The (NSW Environmental) Trust appreciates the efforts and the work put into providing the final report,” said Peter Dixon, Manager of the Trust’s Environmental Funding Programs.

“The project has achieved a successful outcome and, accordingly, I congratulate you.”

Dr Parkes said: “We are thrilled to know that our efforts have been recognised.

“We move a step closer to preservation and restoration of the Big Scrub with every dollar we receive.”

The news was well received by EnviTE NSW with whom Dr Parkes has a close association as Chairperson of its Management Committee.

EnviTE staff and the contract regenerators, who have put so much energy into controlling weeds and protecting threatened species, were thrilled to have their efforts acknowledged.

PICTURE: At the handover of the final Environmental Trust report are, from left, Mike Delaney, EnviTE Field Operations Manager, Dr Tony Parkes, President Big Scrub Landcare group, Paul O’Connor, EnviTE Environmental Services Manager, and Graham Bird, EnviTE General Manager.