Looking for somewhere to take the kids during the school holidays?

How about a chance to get up close and personal with some sea turtles at Australian Seabird Rescue in Ballina?

“You and your children will receive a one-hour educational talk on our native marine wildlife as well as an opportunity to see any animals that we have in care,” ASR president Rochelle Ferris said.

“At the moment we have four sea turtles. This is a rare occurrence and it is not often that people have the opportunity to have a close encounter with one of these marvellous yet threatened species.

“A talk and tour is given every day during the school holidays at 10am. Please feel free to give us a ring and book a spot on one of our tours.

“It is an unforgettable experience that will leave you amazed and with a better understanding and appreciation of what Australia life has to offer.”

Call ASR now on 66862852 to book.