It’s almost holiday time, and Richmond Area Command police Crime Prevention Officer Michael Hogan has issued these hints to avoid theft.

Don’t hide spare keys in places around the house; burglars know hiding places also.

Going on holidays:

  • Cancel regular deliveries
  • Advise a neighbour, and request they clear your mailbox
  • Notify someone of your plans – date of departure, date of return in particular, any contact numbers to alert you or family of any problems.

When approaching or leaving your vehicle, have a quick glance around to see if anyone is taking unwarranted interest in your movements.

Lock your car and put the immobiliser on. Make this a habit. Even if only putting the shopping in the boot, unloading the car at home, or filling up your car with petrol at the garage – LOCK IT.

Phone calls: if you are not sure who the caller is, DO NOT give any personal information over the phone, even if the caller claims to be from a legitimate organisation.

If you have a reason to be suspicious of someone, note details such as height and build; what colour clothes are they wearing; what does their hair look like; do they have facial hair; are they clean or untidy; and remember to make a note of the time and direction they were heading.

Frustrate thieves: brand and or record everything of value; jewellery, cameras can be photographed. Place a reference object, like a ball-point pen, alongside the valuable to assist in measuring the size. For larger items, engrave them with an identifiable number.