A box of chocolates or some fresh cut flowers will always go down well on Mother’s Day, but when you’re looking for a gift she’ll remember with pride, why not try a sheep?

We know it’s not exactly a traditional gift, but by purchasing a sheep for a family in Uganda from ChildFund Australia’s Donations with a Difference Catalogue, you’ll have the opportunity to find a memorable gift for mum, while also helping to improve the life of a child and their family in the developing world.

Other gift ideas include 10 baby chickens for a family in Sri Lanka for $21, which provide eggs to eat and sell at the market. Or for $21, you can provide children in East Timor with much needed school equipment.

On a larger scale, $614 pays for a teacher’s salary for one year so that children in a rural school in Sri Lanka can continue their education.

Buying your gift is easy, too. Just visit www.childfund.org.au and choose your present from the online Donations with a Difference Catalogue. Your mum will then receive a card detailing the generous gift. you’ve bought on her behalf.

Each Donation with a Difference creates a new opportunity for communities, families and children in desperate poverty. It can improve their health, their living environment and their hope for the future, and also gives you the chance to choose an original and thoughtful gift on Mother’s Day.

ChildFund Australia CEO Nigel Spence said: “Our Donations with a Difference Catalogue focuses on areas that are crucial to the health and well-being of children. For example, a $21 hygiene kit can save the lives of many, but costs so little to provide.

“In Indonesia, a weaving kit can help a family to generate their own income and become self-sufficient. Spending as little as $31 gives an entire family the chance to support themselves and strengthen their entire community.”

Each gift falls into one of five categories:

  • Animals to grow self-sufficiency
  • Education to grow self-esteem
  • Health and nutrition to grow well-being
  • Income generation to grow independence
  • Sponsorship to help children grow.