Are we a bunch of spivs here on the Far North Coast?

NSW Premier Nathan Rees thinks so, and has had a shot at The Nationals in saying so.

But Nationals MPs Steve Cansdell (Clarence) and Thomas George  (Lismore) say they are offended by the Premier’s remarks and have called for an apology.

“They (The Nationals) have shifted from being a genuine party that represents the interests of farmers and rural workers into an outfit that represents spivs along the coastline of NSW,” Mr Rees told ABC Radio on Monday (Source: )

Mr Cansdell said it was unacceptable for the NSW Labor Premier to apply a term meaning ‘petty criminals’ to North Coast residents.

“I don’t mind him having a go at me, but there is no need to insult hundreds of thousands of North Coast residents just because, unlike Sydney, we had the sense not to vote for this appalling State ALP Government,” Mr Cansdell said.

“One definition I found for spiv is ‘a person without employment who makes money by various dubious schemes; goes about smartly dressed and having a good time’.

“That sounds a lot more like a NSW Labor pollie than the average resident of Grafton or Casino.”

Mr George says the Premier is out of touch and that he has taken offence to the comments.

‘Really decent  people’  is how Mr George describes his constituents.

So, are we a bunch of spivs?

And should we remind Mr Rees that despite our perceived ‘spiv-ness’, we did elect two Labor politicians, Janelle Saffin and Justine Eliott, as our Federal representatives?