Local residents angered by the current situation at Far North Coast hospitals can make their voice heard by taking part in the NSW Liberal/Nationals Health Infrastructure Audit survey, Member for Lismore, Thomas George, said.

“The Health Infrastructure Audit survey will help provide a clear picture of what’s going on and what is urgently needed to bring the facilities up to scratch, Mr George said.

“Not only can local residents have their say but frontline medical staff can also have an opportunity to express their views.”

Mr George said many medical and nursing staff as well as members of the public had expressed their frustration about delays in the long-promised Stage 2 & 3 of the Lismore Base Hospital, as well as delays in the Cancer Unit which only now is on track.

“Completing this audit will send a strong message to the State Labor Government that the current situation at Lismore Base Hospital is not acceptable and more importantly regional residents will not be taken for granted as the State Government struggles to find funding for city projects,” he said.

Mr George said doctors, nurses, patients and anyone else who is in close contact with their local hospital is strongly encouraged to complete this audit and send a strong clear message to the State Labor Government: that our hospitals are important and need more attention.

“This is an opportunity for medical professionals and the public to tell the NSW Liberal/Nationals exactly what their local health priorities are,” he said.

The Health Infrastructure Audit survey can be accessed at www.barryofarrell.com.au and asks respondents for their opinions of local hospital facilities, and where things need to be improved.

“The NSW Liberal/Nationals will give hospitals back to the people, empower doctors and nurses and deliver health policy that works. Filling out this survey will help with this process,” Mr George said.