Two Byron Bay dads have taken up the challenge of stamping out the use of disposable nappies by creating a cheaper, organic and reusable alternative.

James Dods and Kier Morrison recently started the company ‘biobaby’ in a bid to make a dent in the millions of disposable nappies dumped in landfill each year.

Parents may be shocked to learn that it is estimated around 800 million of the environmentally unfriendly nappies are used in Australia each year.

With experts estimating it takes up to 500 years for these nappies to decompose in landfill, the two Byron Bay dads felt it was time to come up with a better product.

“Organic baby products have the ability to turn these figures around, but first we must remove the misconception that organic baby products are more expensive,” said Mr Dods.

Buying disposable nappies every week adds up fast and in an era where convenience takes precedence, organic reusable nappies are less expensive and just as easy.

Lismore Mother Emma Davies calculated she would save $5000 over three years by switching to organic nappy products. 

“In the first month after switching to biobaby I noticed the savings, but more importantly the products are safer for my baby and the environment,” she said.

Disposable baby products reinforce the notion that it is okay to throw away, that it is cleaner and more convenient, but at what cost?

Mr Morrison said they created biobaby because they wanted to take the concept of organic parenting to the public at an affordable price.

“Even celebrities Toni Collette and Cate Blanchett are using our products to play their part in environmental sustainability,” said Mr Morrison.

Actress Cate Blanchett is a passionate campaigner for the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and has recently claimed she uses cloth nappies and organic baby products.

“We are the caretakers for this beautiful country. We need to ensure we pass on a healthy Australia to our children and seize this opportunity to build a clean, green and safe environment” said Ms Blanchett.

Australian-owned company biobaby is providing parents with organic products from cotton nappies to eco baby wipes.

“The aim of our company is to give Australian parents the opportunity to become part of a community doing something about climate change and the environment,” said Mr Dods.

biobaby offers genuine organic certification products which are now available in Ballina IGA.

A percentage of each purchase goes to Rainforest Rescue.

PICTURE: Lismore mum Emma Davies with baby Tonali.