Almost 120 people have already called to give their stories in The Cancer Council NSW’s month-long Radiotherapy Call-in.

The Cancer Council issued the call earlier this month asking to give people across the State an opportunity to share their radiotherapy experiences and voice any concerns.

The council said many callers are citing problems which have made their access to radiotherapy treatment difficult. These problems include long waiting periods for treatment to begin, substantial out-of-pocket expenses and the necessity to travel hundreds of kilometres each day when local treatment isn’t an option.

“The strong response we’ve had to the call-in shows that cancer patients appreciate being able to tell someone about their experience, including describing any problems they were forced to overcome in order to receive their treatment,” said Corinne Martin from the Far North Coast office of The Cancer Council.

“The call-in has given people a chance to talk through their experiences and receive support from our Helpline staff. 

“For patients still in treatment, we are able to provide information that leaves callers more confident about what lies ahead.”  

Cancer Council NSW is encouraging people who haven’t yet called the Helpline to share their radiotherapy experience by ringing before the end of the month.

“This Call-in will help us develop a much stronger understanding of the types of problems people with cancer are facing in accessing radiotherapy treatment, but it’s vitally important that we develop a full picture of the nature of the issues,” said Miss Martin, Regional Programs Co-ordinator.

“Once we know more about the factors that create problems for patients, we can address them by communicating patient feedback to the NSW Government.”  

During the Radiotherapy Call-in, experienced health professionals trained in oncology who staff Cancer Council NSW’s Helpline are answering calls.

Cancer Council’s Radiotherapy Call-in is open weekdays throughout March, from 9am–5pm. Callers can contact the Call-in by ringing Cancer Council’s Helpline on 13 11 20.