Tweed Shire Council has introduced a 1300 number – 1300 292 TSC or 1300 292 872 – and says that for ratepayers, customers and residents, the council is more accessible than ever.

A 1300 number allows customers to call the council at a standard local call rate of 30c per call from a fixed line anywhere in Australia.

Director of Technology and Corporate Services Troy Green said the new number is all part of improving customer service and accessibility.

“More than 9000 ratepayers live outside of the Tweed Shire and every time they want to call us, it would be charged to them at an STD rate. Having a 1300 number allows them to only pay 30c per call – a standard local call,” Mr Green said.

“A 1300 call may not suit all residents within the shire as an individual’s phone plan may charge a cheaper local call rate. In this case the council encourages callers to decide which will be the most cost-effective method for them – direct call to the 07, 02 or 1300 numbers.

“We are in a unique situation where many of our customers in the northern part of the shire have a Queensland 07 extension and every time they try to ring council on an NSW 02 number they think it is an STD call charge, which is not the case.

“Phone exchanges don’t work on that basis. Our Tweed Heads and Banora Point residents can continue to use the (02) 6670 2400 number which will be charged as a local call according to their own plan.

“The 1300 number will be listed in this year’s white pages and will be an important addition to enhance our customer experiences.”

The current council phone numbers will continue to be available.

As with most other services, calls to the 1300 number from mobiles will be charged at a higher rate.