lighthouse20rd20drilling1Byron Shire Council’s engineering consultant GHD has completed additional drilling on Lighthouse Road. The council says the revised design may see it become a single-lane road.

Council resolved to undertake the additional investigation and design after the failed tendering process in 2008.

Byron Shire Council’s director of asset management services, Phil Holloway, said he anticipated the GHD design review will be completed by May 2009.

“The restoration works at Lighthouse Road are a high priority project. However, the planning, investigation, design and construction are complex due to the location of the work,” he said.

“The work calls for significant geotechnical investigation, design, environmental planning and funding.

“The complex nature of the project requires specialist contractors for the design and construction as the work is outside the normal scope of council activities.

“Similarly, there is a great deal of consultation with National Parks, the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) and engineering consultants to repair the road.”

Despite funding for the project being approved by the RTA, only one tender was received in January 2008. The RTA declined to provide the additional funding for the works.

Byron Shire Council resolved not to accept the submitted tender and to undertake further geotechnical investigation and design.

“At each stage of the project, renewed approvals are required from the RTA and Cape Byron Trust,” Mr Holloway said.

“We are anticipating that following the GHD design review, tenders will be called for repair of the road and boardwalk.

“The revised design to council will also include the consideration of Lighthouse Road as a single-lane road.

“If a tender is accepted by council and funding approved by the RTA, it is estimated that a contractor will be employed by September 2009 and the work completed end 2010.

“In the meantime, we apologise for the ongoing inconvenience and assure the community that we are working quickly and responsibly to deliver the project.”

Works already undertaken at the site include the construction of a retaining wall at Clarks Beach Cottage and a new stormwater outlet.

The Lighthouse Road works are due to a major landslip in June 2005.

PICTURE: Drilling works being undertaken on Lighthouse Road.