rallyAn independent report on the expected socio-economic impact of this year’s Repco Rally Australia has been released by the organisers.

The report, produced by CONICS (Brisbane) Pty Ltd, indicates that the local region can expect a direct economic injection of more than $31 million from the World Rally Championship round, which will be staged in the New South Wales Northern Rivers on 3-6 September.

It concludes benefits will flow from the influx of visitors from outside the region and the State, from extended visits by international and interstate teams and officials, from creation of permanent or short-term jobs, international and domestic television and coverage by print and electronic journalists.

Other key conclusions from the report, which is published in full on www.rallyaustralia.com, are:

  • Job opportunities are equivalent to 30 to 40 permanent positions, or between 1500 and 2000 part-time or casual jobs during the event week.
  • Up to 92,000 visitor nights are expected to be generated, with 75 per cent of these (69,000) within the Tweed-Kyogle region.
  • Social benefits will include the opportunity for community cohesion through recruitment and training of local people as officials and volunteers, school and youth programs and fund-raising opportunities for community organisations.

CONICS operates 13 metropolitan and regional offices in eastern Australia, staffed by a multidisciplinary team of designers, planners, surveyors, analysts, environmental experts, urban economists and project managers.

Spokesman Will Owen said: “We ran extensive modelling for the event and combined this with independent reports released in relation to the World Rally Championship when it was conducted in Western Australia from 1989 until 2006.

“In addition, we examined reports compiled by other WRC events and work done on WRC events by the University of Dublin.

“This event has the potential to not only provide the region with a spectacular and exciting motor sport event, but also to generate very significant economic benefits for the region.

“Then there is the worldwide television viewing audience, many of which will see and hear of this beautiful region for the first time.”