The announcement by Shadow Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian and local State Member Don Page that a Coalition Government will allow a second crossing over the rail line at Byron Bay will help relieve traffic congestion in Byron Bay, Mr Page said today.

Mr Page said the continuing refusal of the State Labor Government to allow a second crossing was condemning Byron Bay residents to totally unacceptable traffic congestion both now and in future.

“The MR545 Study by consultants OPUS has recommended a second rail crossing that links Butler Street to Marvell Street via the old emergency rail crossing and a new roundabout at Jonson and Marvell streets,” Mr Page said.

“A Coalition Government will allow this second crossing to ease traffic congestion caused by all traffic having to go through the Jonson and Lawson streets roundabout.

“What is proposed in the OPUS study is sensible, inexpensive and easily able to be implemented.

“The NSW Government should follow our lead and approve the second crossing straight away.

“If Labor won’t, we certainly will when there is a change of Government in under two years time.”
Mr Page said he had written to Labor Transport Minister Campbell pointing out the findings of the OPUS study and requesting the State Government allow a second crossing to help ease traffic congestion in Byron Bay.