Member for Ballina Don Page says there are a number of anomalies in the Recovery Grant systems recently announced by the NSW Government.

“The most obvious problem is that only those who suffer flood damage can apply. Farmers who suffered storm and wind damage are not eligible to apply for grants.” Mr Page said.

“Storm, wind and flood damage are all part of the same natural disaster and should all be included in the Recovery Grants package.
“Another anomaly is that if you use your own labour or an employee to fix the damage on your farm, you cannot claim. However, if you use your neighbour as a contractor you can!

“The final anomaly is in relation to the requirement that at least 50% of a person’s income must come from the farm.

“Many farmers need off-farm income to keep their farming enterprises going or to feed and clothe themselves while plantations are not producing, or if commodity prices take a sudden dive.”

Mr Page said he would be raising these issues in Parliament when it sits next week, along with his North Coast Nationals colleagues.