Tweed Shire Council has announced that there will be an alteration to the project scheduling for the Murwillumbah CBD Drainage Project with workers agreeing to work a six-day week, following a request from a special meeting of Murwillumbah Business Chambers.

The change means that the road along Wharf Street between Commercial Road and Queen Street will now be closed every day during business hours except for Sunday.

Business operators at the Chamber of Commerce meeting decided that Sunday trading was the priority as there are many tourist visitors to Murwillumbah on that day.

Council’s Manager Works Ian Kite said the change to the work schedule would ensure an earlier completion date to the operation in Wharf Street and Queen Street.

“We still don’t know what unexpected challenges will arise from replacing the 100 year-old drainage system. However, with six days work each week the project will be completed earlier,” Mr Kite said.

“We will also be allocating an additional team to construct the access pits while the original team continues to lay pipe to further expedite the project.”

Work will not be carried out overnight due to considerations of noise for residents in the area. The Traffic Management Plan will be adjusted will a full road closure for the additional days of work, with the road being open to one-way traffic overnight and on Sundays under traffic light operation.

Businesses are open and operating during the project. Signage will be provided by the council informing drivers of parking available close by. This includes the multi-level car park in Queen Street, with pedestrian access through the lane to Wharf Street and some limited public parking in Proudfoots Lane behind the main street shops.

The Chamber is also consulting with Proudfoots Lane businesses regarding the relocation of private parking to the multi-level car park, making more public parking available there during the construction period.

The Murwillumbah CBD Drainage project will:
• Deliver essential upgrades to stormwater drainage in the CBD
• Relocate the drainage system from private property onto council-owned roads
• Allow future access and maintenance of the system
• Reduce odour problems in the CBD due to stagnant water.