Deputy NSW Labor Premier and Climate Change and Environment Minister Carmel Tebbutt has been accused of ignoring the controversy over a proposal to create a Clarence marine park.

The claim was made by Clarence Nationals MP Steve Cansdell after he received an old form letter from the Minister in response to his written request for Ms Tebbutt to rule out the proposal.

Mr Cansdell said the marine park proposal is being pushed by the extreme green National Parks Association lobby group with the backing of an obscure Swiss-headquartered organisation known as IUCN.

“The Minister initially wrote to me saying the proposal, which would eradicate the Clarence fishing industry, was not Government policy, only for it to transpire Labor had referred the plan to bureaucrats for further consideration,” Mr Cansdell said.

“I then wrote to the Minister asking her to rule it out and thus end all the fear and uncertainty, but she wrote back to me with exactly the same letter as before – only the date had changed.

“Ms Tebbutt needs to put her Premiership ambitions on hold, have a close look at what her department is up to, and can this crazy plan once and for all.”