Casino Community Health will run a Falls Prevention Awareness Day at Casino Civic Hall, Canterbury Street, Casino on the Tuesday 17 June, 10.30am to 3.30pm.

The aim of the free day is to showcase ways people can prevent falls happening to them.

There will be useful advice, a cuppa and the chance to meet the Casino Falls Prevention Ambassadors.

Having a fall can result in serious injury, with 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 falling on an annual basis, and 1 in 10 of those people ending up with an injury.

Although some injuries are minor, others can be serious and require medical attention.

“The majority of people start to lose our balance by about the age of 40, largely because we aren’t challenging our balance as much as we did when we were younger,” said Trish Tan, a physiotherapist from Casino Community Health.
“As we get older we don’t bounce back from a fall like we did when we were young.
“So the more often you fall, the more likely you are to get injured.

“North Coast Area Health Service is serious about working to reduce falls and a Falls Prevention Co-ordinator is employed to look at what can be done to prevent older people from falling and injuring themselves in the community.

“Research has shown that to prevent falls everyone needs to be physically active and control the risk factors associated with falling.

“The best type of physical activity is to engage in activities which challenge your balance and maintain lower limbs strength.

“Poor vision, foot problems, health problems, certain medications and environmental hazards can also increase your risk of falling.

“One recommended physical activity is Tai Chi, which has been shown to reduce the risk of balance by approximately 40 per cent.”

The Falls Prevention awareness day will allow members of the Casino Community to come and discuss with a number of experts what they can do to reduce their risk of falling.

The day will also provide opportunities for people to test your balance, to watch a Tai Chi demonstration and join in on a gentle exercise class.

Two locals Casino residents, Irene Hamilton and Jim Wheeler, have agreed to be“Falls Prevention Ambassador” and will be at the Civic Hall on the day.

Irene and Jim are both socially and physically active members of the community who appreciate the need to stay active so as to stay independent. They will be championing the cause and will be promoting messages of falls prevention and a healthy lifestyle