YES_Strat_Plan_handover__3_28nov09After a highly successful year, the Youth Environmental Society (YES) will be able to ensure the good work continues into the future with the completion of its Charter and Strategic Plan.

The plan was prepared by Sustainable Futures Australia, a sustainability consultancy group based at Byron Bay.

The group offered to develop the YES charter and plan at no cost to YES using its award-winning Planning Web™ framework and group planning process. 

Managing director Peter Cuming, who facilitated the YES planning workshop and prepared the plan, said: “We are pleased to support YES in providing professional work valued at over $5000.

“YES can play a vital role in providing youth perspective and input into our community decision-making, as well as encouraging awareness about sustainability and environmental issues at schools and more broadly.

“Our combined effort with YES members has created a strategic plan for the future of similar standard to many corporate and government bodies.

“In terms of co-ordinated youth group management planning, it places YES at the leading edge in Australia.”

YES media representative Darcy Garlick-Kelly “For YES, our biggest concern was that the time and effort we spent this year would be wasted once core members finished their gap years and went to uni, with no one to lead YES in 2010 and beyond.

“So this Strategic Plan is a big achievement, as it gives us a means of making YES sustainable and provides a foundation for the continuation of our organisation and its important work.

“However, at this point we also need committed people who want to continue YES into next year, to take over from those leaving for university in 2010.

“Anyone with a passion for the environment and wanting to take on a leadership role please contact us, we need you!”

YES is having an end-of-year meeting on the 5th of December, and would love anyone who might be interested joining YES to come along.

The media is welcome to attend as well. For details of the meeting address or any other information please contact Darcy on 0401 063 900 or

PICTURE: The handover of the new Charter and Strategic Plan.