Three insulation installers deregistered from the Home Insulation Program are the first to be listed on a publicly available website, Environment Minister Peter Garrett said.

“The list of businesses deregistered from operating under the Home Insulation Program sends a strong message to installers and the public that we take non-compliance with the insulation program requirements seriously,” Mr Garrett said.

“All installers working under this program are on notice – if they break the rules, strong action will be taken to ensure they can no longer access payments and now they can also be named to protect householders.

“The consequences of dodgy behaviour for insulation businesses just got a lot tougher.

“There’s no room in this program for businesses who aren’t willing to stand publicly by the quality of their work and who tarnish the work of reputable, hard-working installation businesses.

“We will take swift and tough action against anyone who breaches the terms of registration and the program guidelines.”

Mr Garrett encouraged householders to continue to check their installer is on the Installer Provider Register.

“We have always encouraged householders to shop around until they find a registered installer they’re happy with and to ensure they’re choosing the right product and installation options for their circumstances.”

Mr Garrett also reminded householders that under changes to the scheme that commenced on December 1, they must get at least two independent quotes which are based on a physical site inspection before proceeding to have insulation installed.  

“A mandatory requirement that every house undergo a risk assessment before any work is carried out also commenced on December 1, to improve safety and protection for both householders and installers,” he said.

“These checklists will be subject to random and targeted audits and householders are encouraged to review this assessment prior to work being conducted.

“This new safety requirement comes on top of changes introduced in November requiring the mandatory installation of downlight covers and a ban on the use of metal fasteners.

“Householders should also only sign the work order form when they are satisfied with the work that has been done.”

If householders require further information on installers they are encouraged to contact the information line on 1800 808 571.