Year Two and Six students from Teven Tintenbar School have been specially selected to feature in a DVD designed to inspire teachers and school communities around Australia.

The DVD is being created by Learnscapes Planning and Design, and will showcase the Learnscapes environment created at Teven Tintenbar School, where the school grounds have been purpose designed as outdoor learning spaces.

“Learnscapes is a unique program where school grounds are used to improve learning opportunities for students. Our school has embraced this concept and was a pilot school for the program during its inception in the early 90s,” said Year Two teacher Bert Berghuis.

“Our rice paddy project, vegetable plot, rainforest area and our Asian classroom which features a Japanese-style hut were all developed along the Learnscapes Program principles, and provide unique hands-on learning opportunities for our students.”

In addition to its inherent educational benefits, the Learnscapes Program helps foster within students a greater responsibility for their natural and cultural heritage, as well as opportunities for play and enjoyment.

“Learnscapes is about teaching outside the square, educating outside the classroom and encouraging children in ways that are not offered within the conventional school curriculum,” said School Principal, Keith Scott.

Filming for the DVD took place at the school on June 5, with many students from Years Two and Six featuring in film footage.

“We are delighted to be involved in this project, and very proud that our students are helping educate students around Australia about this important initiative,” Keith said.