Tweed Shire Mayor Warren Polglase moved at this week’s council meeting to distance the council from fundraising activities for Cr Katie Milne.

Friends and supporters of Cr Milne are holding fundraising activities to help her pay court costs for action she took in trying to prevent the Repco Rally Australia event going ahead last year.

Cr Polglase said Cr Milne incurred the costs as a private citizen, not in her role as a councillor.

The Mayor tabled a statement which he read to the meeting regarding the council’s position on the Repco World Rally Championship.

The statement is reproduced as follows:

“Statement from the Mayor – Council Meeting 19 January 2010

Over the past several months there have been numerous media articles, letters, TV reports and other statements that have referred to one of our colleagues as a councillor in a matter that was personal.

This action was an injunction sought by Ms Katie Milne in the Federal Court to stop the Repco World Rally. At no time did
Council support, permit or fund this action.

The action was undertaken by Ms Milne in her personal capacity, rather than undertaken by Councillor Milne as a member of
this elected body.

I would like to place it on the public record that this Council does not support or condone the action of Ms Milne in her personal capacity, and any reference to her as a Councillor or use of Council address or resource to support her ongoing campaign is not with Council’s sanction.

I would like to remind the community and press that this Council resolved on 18 August 2009 the following:
1. The report of the World Rally Championships be received and noted.
2. At this late stage that Council takes a cohesive stand in support of the upcoming Repco Rally event in order to show respect to the many officials and volunteers in both the State and Local Community who have been involved in the extensive process which has shown a high degree of professionalism in various areas of staging the event. Council reserves the right to a full review following the event where it would be most appropriate and more beneficial to address the many concerns and desires of the community in respect of the future of the Rally.

I had hoped that a statement such as this would have been provided publicly by Ms Milne to differentiate her roles as a private citizen and that of a Councillor.

Public/private capacities of individual Councillors need to be transparent. The resolution of 18 August 2009 makes Council’s standpoint clear.

Further, the fundraising activity to provide financial support to Ms Milne that is being promoted and advertised in the local press frequently refers to Ms Milne as a Tweed Shire Councillor, for a liability Ms Milne incurred privately.

Council does not support the fundraising activities in this regard and any monies sent to Council’s addresses will be returned to the sender.” – Warren Polglase, Mayor of Tweed Shire Council