Rudd Government arrogance and poor representation from Federal Member for Page Janelle Saffin were the fundamental reasons for Permo-Drive’s inability to access funds from the Australian Government, Shadow Minister for Business Development, Independent Contractors and Consumer Affairs, Luke Hartsuyker, said today.

During a tour of Permo-Drive’s plant in Ballina, Mr Hartsuyker said the environmental and economic benefits of Permo-Drive’s innovative fuel conservation system clearly deserved government assistance.

“Permo-Drive is on the verge of commercialising a hydraulic system which would deliver major benefits to the heavy vehicle industry by reducing the use of diesel by 20 to 30 per cent,” he said.

“However, the Rudd Government’s decision to axe the $700 million Commercial Ready program has left Permo-Drive and hundreds of small investors high and dry.

“It is simply unacceptable for both the Federal Member for Page, Janelle Saffin, and the Federal Minister for Innovation, Kim Carr, to wipe their hands of this issue.

“They need to pick up the phone and explain to Permo-Drive why it’s all right for the Rudd Government to give $35 million to Toyota to develop a hybrid car, but this revolutionary diesel conservation system does not warrant one cent.

“Permo-Drive’s diesel system will deliver vastly greater environmental and economic benefits.

“I understand a Hybrid Prius, on average, delivers an annual saving of 600 litres of fuel whilst Permo-Drive’s hydraulic system will save up to 4800 litres of diesel each year.

“This would significantly reduce costs to the trucking industry and those savings would eventually flow through to consumers. 

“Permo-Drive has made it very clear about the urgency of this matter. They have already advised shareholders that because of the axing of the Commercial Ready program they will go into voluntary receivership on July 7.
“Janelle Saffin has not even taken the time to meet with Permo-Drive and understand the reality of their situation.

“Instead she has, through the media, told them to apply for funding under another program, when the guidelines for that program have not even been released.

“Permo-Drive and its mum and dad investors deserve better representation.

“The hypocrisy of both Janelle Saffin and the Minister’s environmental credentials on this issue are breathtaking.”