In light of the delays, Don Page, State Member for Ballina, has offered Byron Shire Council his support by lobbying the Minister for Roads to get a speedy outcome to the restoration of Lighthouse Road in Byron Bay. 

“After talking with council, I have written to the Minister for Roads, Eric Roozendaal, asking him to urgently act on getting Lighthouse Road repaired,” Mr Page said.

“The situation has gone on too long and I am happy to offer my assistance to help expedite a resolution.”

Lighthouse Road collapsed in June 2005 after heavy rain. The road is the only route to access the iconic Byron Bay Lighthouse.

“The road is an extremely busy thoroughfare in a heavily populated tourist destination,” Mr Page said.

“It provides the only access to the Byron Bay Lighthouse and for a large number of local residents, tourist accommodation and beaches in the area.

“Visitors and residents alike are suffering the inconvenience of waiting times at the traffic lights installed to control the single lane access.

“Adding salt to the wound, there is no longer continuous pedestrian access due to the destruction of the walkway in the landslide.

“It is untenable for the road to remain in its current state any longer.”

Byron Shire Council has obtained a tender to carry out the work at a cost of $4 million. 

However, the council originally estimated that the work would cost $2 million.

“Finding the extra $2 million seems to be the obvious solution. I have written to the Minister for Roads on that basis seeking a speedy resolution of the problem,” Mr Page said.