Byron Community Primary School celebrated the completion of Stage One of its building project last Wednesday (30 June) with tea and cake and a performance of a song especially written by the school children with the support of Michael Turner of Durga Babies fame.

The celebration was organised to thank Woollams Construction, who built the stunning Tree House for the school.

The Tree House was designed by Space Studio, who are based just down from the school in Ruskin Street.

“We wanted to keep it local,” said Matt Syme, Director of the Byron Community Primary School.

“We couldn’t be happier with the work of both Space Studio and Woollams Construction. The kids are really excited and of course it’ll be great to stretch out a bit.”

The Tree House provides office space and a meeting room upstairs and a covered learning and play area underneath.

It will be connected to the new two-storey main building, which is still under construction.

With 8kw (over $50,000) worth of solar panels on the roof, this new complex incorporates a performing arts multi-purpose hall, a library, an IT learning studio, a visual arts studio, canteen, office space and toilets. 

“The new buildings have opened up a myriad of ideas and inspiration from our teaching and parent body,” said Matt Syme, “and we’re keen to put them into practice next term.

“Performance rehearsals and an extended instrumental music program are the first priorities.

“It’s been inspiring to watch the children learn and play around the building program. They are unbelievably tolerant and have been keen to be involved in the whole process.”

Byron Community Primary School has been operating since 1988 and prides itself on an innovative approach to education which develops every child’s potential.

PICTURE: Matt Syme, Director of the Byron Community Primary School, and staff of Woollams Construction. Photo by Donatella Parisini.