Want to bring your soil back to life?

Then head to SoilCare Expo 2010.

The SoilCare Landcare group will host SoilCare Expo 2010 on Saturday, 6 November, between 8.30am and 4.00pm at Wollongbar Primary Industries Institute (I & I NSW), 1243 Bruxner Highway, Wollongbar. Entry is free.

Over 30 specialists will be exhibiting a range of biological and mineralised nutrition products, soil analysis info and farm equipment including under-tree slashers, composting equipment, spreaders, chippers and the Yeomans plow. 

Sustainable farm management information for grazing and horticulture will be on offer. 

Farmers can bring dung beetles for identification by retired CSIRO scientist and dung beetle expert, John Feehan, who will exhibit and share his extensive knowledge. 

Farmers will have the opportunity to speak with representatives from local and State government organisations regarding current soil/farm related legislation and funding opportunities. 

Information on rural education and skills training opportunities will be available.

We all know the secret to understanding is knowledge, so do not miss the free one-hour seminar, ‘SOIL CARBON: farming for the future’, with Dr Paul Hepperly

Paul is an internationally recognised speaker on soil carbon, composting, soil biology, plant health and much more. 

In 2004 he received the prestigious Rachel Carson Sense of Science Award for work on ‘Carbon Sequestration in Organic and Conventional Farming Systems’.

The first seminar will start at 10.00am with repeats at 12.30pm and 2.30pm. Paul will also be presenting a series of workshops, ‘Regenerating our Soils’, during the two weeks following Expo.

A SoilCare Expo first this year will be the ‘FARMER SHOWCASE’ where three SoilCare farms will be exhibiting their sustainable farming businesses.  Meet the farmers, hear their stories and sample some products.

Bonnie Walker, Chairperson of SoilCare, said: “SoilCare Expo 2010 promises to be our biggest and best Expo yet. We have a great line-up of knowledgeable and experienced people for our farmers to meet.”

SoilCare Inc is a local Landcare group providing the farming community opportunities to access and share current information on sustainable soil management practices from around the world. For more information about SoilCare Expo 2010, Dr Paul Hepperly and ‘Regenerating our Soils’ visit  www.soilcare.org