Ocean Shores Community Association (OSCA) elected a new board this week which Matthew Denehy, the new president, says consists of a group of hard-working, committed individuals.

Mr Denehy said there had been an enormous amount of work done by the previous executive headed by Tina Petroff.

“Our aim is to again lift the profile and exposure of the association to the general community of Ocean Shores,” he said.

“The new board intends to bolster the membership of individuals in Ocean Shores and start a ‘Business’ sub-division of the
association, as they also form a very important part of the Community as a whole.

“A Chamber of Commerce was attempted a few years ago but it fell away.”

Mr Denehy is currently president of the Brunswick Heads Chamber of Commerce as well, which he says gives him the experience and ability to assist OSCA in building the business side of the association, along with Donna Hammond (secretary), Peter Hansen (treasurer) and Rene Thalmann, Jan Mangleson and Frank Mills (executive members).

“The association effectively lobbied against the RTA recently to remove the ripple strips off the highway but there are many more issues that need renewed attention like flooding, sports fields, walk and cycle ways including the long-overdue Ocean Link boardwalk from the Shopping Centre to the beach, town centre (Shopping Centre) beautification and extension, a cultural centre for the Roundhouse site, more community events strengthening the sense of community as well as viability of businesses, and so much more,” Mr Denehy said.

“OSCA intends to work co-operatively and proactively with all stake holders, interested parties, groups and individuals as well as Byron Shire Council.

“We are asking individuals across Ocean Shores to support the association and also are requesting businesses to speak up and get involved.

“Membership is only $10pa for individuals and we are intending to create a business membership for $30pa which will allow us to continue to lobby for all things important to Ocean Shores and create a fantastic place to live and do business.

“The community is only ever as big as those who join in and get involved.”

Inquiries: Contact Matthew Denehy on 0409 396 355 or mjd@iinet.net.au.