A Ballina woman’s hassles in relocating from Brisbane has led to a new business, Swift Packing Service, a pre-removal packing service for residential and commercial customers.

“It came about by my own relocations,” said business owner Olivia Hughes.

“After much research I discovered there was no such service in the Northern Rivers area available to me.

“On speaking to removalists, I discovered that they could pack my belongings. However, the common comment was that it was quite a steep charge because mainly they had to pack for the elderly and it was a complete hassle for them.

“Once quoting me a per box price, I was horrified, not particularly for myself but for those who were physically unable to pack and genuinely needed the help, for example, the elderly/aged community.”

And after moving back to Ballina, Olivia realised a major problem facing many Northern Rivers residents — unemployment.

“After being exposed to so many stories in the last 18 months of the lack of employment in the area, the two facets merged quite quickly for me,” she said.

“The packing work doesn’t require a degree, heavy lifting nor is it discriminate of age.

“Almost anyone is able to execute the work, so I thought why not create more jobs and give those who really want the work a chance?”
After advertising the position for packing staff in the the local press and online, Olivia received 107 applications, all of which are the exact people I wanted to create job opportunities for: Mums that have been out of the workforce raising their kids, men and women over 40 who just can’t get past a first interview, younger people that have been working solidly but just cant secure a full-time position,” she said.

“I want all of these people to not only have control over their finances and feel more positive about themselves and their lives, but also to connect back with the elder community and bring to their homes a sense of trust and security.

“Moving can be very traumatic for anyone, let alone someone that is facing a move into aged care, loss of independence and has been in their home for a lot of years.

“A sensitive approach is needed, alongside a much more affordable option to relocate and have their belongings packed properly.

“Of course, now that everyone is working longer hours, house prices are still rising and rentals are more difficult to come by, Swift Packing Service can also help take some of the pressure off and leave people more time to put towards other important issues in their lives, and not to mention not being stuck with a million boxes to try and find a spot for after the move!”

Olivia said that additionally, to keep the costs of the service down, boxes are hireable rather than saleable.

“A saving of between $5-$8 per box really adds up when there are 50 or 60 boxes involved,” she said.

“All wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape and fill are provided free as well.

“My intention is not to derive income from any of these items — it is more important that Swift creates further jobs and a trustworthy service for all residents and businesses on the North Coast.

“This is also a valuable opportunity to support other local businesses in the area — local couriers who deliver the boxes to site for me, cleaners, removalists, real estate agencies etc can all benefit.

” I am constantly asked by customers who they should call for these other matters and it feels so great to pass on extra business to fellow business owners.”
Contact details:
0404 012 333 02 6681 1360
PO Box 5094 Ballina NSW 2478