Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there’s still a full push of brown water on the run-out tide.

Better water around the walls on the run-up, it’s quite fishable to about Missingham Bridge and reasonably good numbers of whiting, bream and a couple of school jew.

The major action so far has been on the beaches with the closer ones fishing well for bream, whiting and school jew.

Crabs in the bottom end of North Creek.

At Evans Head there’s been hardly any rain all week, believe it or not.

Very few people about to enjoy it, except for a few locals.

The river is still quite dirty from the Richmond overflow at Woodburn but it’s cleaner on a rising tide and should improve this week as the tides grow from neaps to springs.

Some bream, whiting and blackfish around the walls on yabbies, and school jew at times on yabbies, worms and blades and soft lures.

There are miles of hard-gut mullet up the beach but there’s not much chasing them apart from the netters.

The odd whaler shark and just the occasional school jew as well. Some quality whiting at times but they want live worms, not preserved ones, although the bream aren’t as particular.

The bar is still bloody awful and nobody in their right mind would want to be out on a sea like that, anyway.