Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there’s a fair push of cleaner water coming in on the high tides and there have been plenty of bream biting on lures and bait up to about Fishery Creek.

Flathead along the Porpoise Wall from about opposite Trevans up to Burns Point.

The pro crabbers are working up almost to Pimlico and there have also been muddies of various sizes in the lower parts of North Creek and Emigrant Creek.

As the tide turns and dirty water comes down, it’s heading south when it reaches the bar, so the beaches north of town are fishing best, with bream and dart on most and some good whiting up towards Lennox.

Whiting along the beaches at Evans Head along with some bream, and the trawlers are working over the school prawns between about Boundary Creek and Airforce Beach.

Boats heading out over the past few days have scored some nice snapper and trag but there are no reports of mackerel, and the water in close is still quite coloured.

The Evans River has blackfish at the mouth on the rougher days, and there are still whiting and spiky flathead above the bridge.